Your brand is not about you.

It’s about the people you serve.

Together, we’ll discover how to connect your message with their story. That is where business transformations and personal transformations happen.


Amplify women’s missions so they make a bigger impact. 

How we create impactful brands

Thorough brand research

Strategic & inspired design

Magnetic messaging

Smart, consistent marketing

Hi friend. Karely, here.

I founded Branding for Women because I believe in women. I believe if more women shared their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, our neighborhoods, communities, and the world would be kinder, more inclusive, more supportive places to live. I want more women to start businesses and organizations, write books, and speak their minds. In my perfect world, every woman-owned brand would be meaning-filled and purposeful. Raking in sales would simply be a side effect.

Empath, intuitive, listener, nurturer, observer, artist, mom, wife, and friend are all words that describe me. And all of these things collectively make me really good at working with you to create a brand you love that also performs well.

After pursuing a career in nursing, I switched paths and earned a bachelor’s degree in design from Utah Valley University. I found I could give the same nurturing care that attracted me to nursing to my clients and their beautiful ideas through strategy and art.

I’m so looking forward to helping you bring your idea to life through an inspiring brand.

Our Impact

Join me in the fight against human trafficking with Operation Underground Railroad.

Book with me and a percentage of your project cost will be donated to O.U.R. to save women and children around the globe from sexual exploitation.