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Creating a Meaningful Color Palette

Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about my process of picking the perfect colors!

When it comes to finding your brand colors, you want to choose wisely.  The colors you decide on can make or break your brand.  

You may be tempted to go with the colors you like and call it a day.  But this is a very common mistake.  The goal is to use colors that attract someone to your business.  However, you may be surprised to find that the colors you choose are in fact doing just the opposite.

Whether you’re a new business just starting out, or an established business looking to rebrand, I want you to succeed.  Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about my process of picking the perfect colors!

Step 1:  Getting to Know You 

I want to get to know YOU!  You are your brand, and your business needs to reflect that.  Your colors not only need to work for your business, but they need to be a true representation of the person behind the business.  Believe it or not, your customers will be able to feel it if they’re not true to you.  

By allowing me to really see who you are, and sharing your individual style and personality, I can better understand which colors will honestly reflect you as a person.

I will set up a time to meet with you, whether in person or virtually, to find out more about you, the history of your business, and what goals you want to achieve.

Step 2:  Market Research

This important step is what sets me apart from other brand designers. By first identifying and then researching your ideal client, I can better understand what appeals to them on a deeper level.  

Here is where my background in color psychology comes into play.  Knowing how color directly relates to human emotion and motivation, I am able to determine which ones will have the greatest influence.

Colors have an innate, physical effect on people.  You want your colors to have a positive impact on your client, and that is done by targeting them not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

Step 3:  The Fun Part!

Now it’s time to find your perfect colors and bring your brand to life!  

I do this by combining the colors that represent your personality in an authentic way, with the colors that are attractive to your ideal client.  

Once I’ve put together the perfect palette, I will schedule a time with you to present the colors and explain the meaning behind the selections.  I want you to feel excited about them, and truly understand what they represent.  Above all I want you to feel confident when sharing and talking about it with others.

I appreciate it when my clients allow me to have creative freedom, however I will always respect your choices.  If you have your heart set on certain colors, I am happy to make those colors work in the best way possible.  But if given the opportunity, I will explore all the color combinations available and put together palettes that I feel will best represent you and your brand as well as appealing to your client.

I want you to LOVE your colors.  You’re the one looking at and interacting with them each day.  They need to excite you and you need to connect with them just as much as the client that sees them.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to design that perfect palette. Reach out to schedule a call today!

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