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What should I expect to pay for branding?

No brand is created equal, so the brand expert that is the best fit for your business right now may not be the best option for someone else - and that is okay!

I’ll be honest. Graphic Designer prices are kind of allllll over the place. I can understand if you feel a little confused as to why your friend got a logo for $50 but your favorite designer quoted you $5,000.

I’m writing this blog article to offer a bit of clarification. When it comes to BRAND design, there is a general structure that separates one designer’s services from another.

Keep in mind, every designer has their own set of factors that they take into account when they set their own pricing. Their pricing should be respected. This article will simply outline 3 categories that designers typically fall into, and may be used as a tool going forward to determine which type of brand designer is the best fit for YOUR business needs – and approximately how much you can expect to compensate them.

No brand is created equal, so the brand expert that is the best fit for your business right now may not be the best option for someone else – and that is okay!

I am basing this article off of what I have learned from Marissa Messick, a mentor and fellow designer.

Let’s dive right in!

Category 1 – Logo Designer

A logo designer typically creates “just a logo”. They will typically charge for that single deliverable. The logo may or may not have any meaning or strategy behind the design. A color palette may or may not be included.

Investment: Low

Value: Low
Approximate price range: $50-400

Category 2 – Brand Identity Designer

A brand identity designer typically creates design assets that include a logo as well as other visual elements for your brand. These may include but are not limited to: Logo Submarks, Branded Pattern, Color Palette, Typography (font) Selection, Business Cards, Social Media Design, Letterhead, Notecards, Packaging, Apparel, Website design, etc.

Investment: Medium

Value: Medium
Approximate price range: $500-$1k (for branding alone, website design will cost substantially more, but that’s a whole other conversation)

Category 3 – Brand Strategist

A Brand Strategist will work with their client to identify the goals behind the brand, who their target customer is, and analyze where the brand needs to be in relation to its competition. This process is typically the most thorough. Information that is discovered during the process will be used to create brand visuals that effectively communicate to the brand’s ideal customer, attracting more of them and increasing the brand’s sales. The goal is to not only provide beautiful brand visuals, but to provide a clear direction and the proper tools that the brand requires to get to the next level. 

Investment: High

Value: High

Approximate price range: $1,200 – $10,000+

One final note,

It is a good rule of thumb to budget 5-10% of your total revenue for branding.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”

Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar
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