Mini Brand Glow-Up

For Wedding Professionals

Are you a wedding professional looking to enhance your brand during the slow season? We understand that a complete design overhaul might not always be needed, or even feasible in terms of time and budget. That’s why we’ve created the Mini Brand Glow-Up Package, tailored for professionals like you who are confident in their brand’s story and strategy but seek a cost-effective way to refresh their visual identity and elevate their presence.

Who is this for?

We believe the best time to perfect your brand’s visual identity is after establishing a solid brand foundation. Our Mini Brand Glow-Up Package is ideal for wedding professionals who’s brands are at least 3 years old and/or can confidently answer the 3 questions below. 

  • What is my brand’s core message and purpose?
  • What specific problem do I solve, and who do I solve it for?
  • How does my brand stand apart in my industry?

If answers to these questions don’t come easily to you, don’t worry! You can still access this special design-only mini package. Consider scheduling a Power Hour call to gain quick clarity, or, if you’re starting from ground zero, book our full Brand Strategy service along with this package.

I’ve been looking for a long time for someone to give me an outside perspective on my business because I knew I was too in the middle of it to see clearly. When I found Karely, I knew she was the one. She’s highly skilled at what she does and walked me through a number of important things in my one hour power hour that I’m excited to implement. It was great to get her perspective and it covered a wide range of topics, which was very helpful! Very worth it!

—Amber Price

What's inlcuded?

While our standard brand design services fall within the range of $2,500-$4,500+, our Mini Brand Glow-Up Package strategically comes at $1,500. It includes only the absolute essentials you need to upgrade your visuals and maintain consistency across your brand marketing materials:


  • 1 Primary Logo Mark: Crafted to capture your brand’s essence and leave a memorable mark.
  • Strategic Color Palette/Type: A harmonious selection of colors and fonts to amplify your brand’s message.
  • 1 Page Brand Style Guide: Your brand’s blueprint, ensuring consistency across all platforms.
  • Logo Files for Print and Web Use: Versatile files for all your branding needs.


If desired, you may build extra brand elements (logo submarks, patterns, illustrations, packaging, etc.) into this package at an additional cost.

The logos for Wish Blossom Flowers are a perfect a reflection of my personality and work. If you want something incredible, reach out to Karely, she’s golden. I am obsessed and beyond thrilled with her incredible work. I would recommend her to anyone!

—Susie Young, Wish Blossom Flowers

The Process

In a mere 2 weeks, we’ll breathe new life into your brand’s identity, ensuring you shine brightly in a competitive market.


Step One – Strategy Call: We begin with a brief strategy call, diving deep into the three core pillars of your brand (the essential questions listed above) and gathering crucial details about your brand.


Step Two – Mood Board Creation: Next, we’ll craft and email your personalized brand moodboard. This visual roadmap will showcase our recommended direction for colors, typography, and the general style of your logo, perfectly aligned with your brand goals.


Step Three – Approval and Execution: Once you’ve given the green light on the moodboard, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on elevating your visuals.


Step Four – Brand Presentation: We’ll then present your new brand and supporting elements via email. In this presentation, we’ll explain how your new visuals will:


  • Represent your brand’s core message.
  • Create an inviting atmosphere for your ideal audience.
  • Visually set you apart from your competition.


Your feedback is highly valued during this stage, ensuring the final result meets your expectations.


Step Five – Special Delivery: The grand finale! We’ll compile your one-page brand style guide, meticulously export all logo files, and deliver them directly to you via Google Drive. You’re now equipped with the tools to make a lasting impression and elevate your brand to new heights!

10 lucky brands

This is a limited-time offer. To take advantage of this special package, book by October 20, 2023. We are only accepting up to 10 projects with start dates through January 31, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to revitalize your brand and leave a lasting impact.

We’re excited to help you continue to make a lasting positive impact through your brand!

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