Brand & Website Design Services

Don't half bake your brand.

Take your vision from “why” to website and beyond with comprehensive services.

Brand Strategy

Starting at $2,500

Build a brand that’s a lifestyle, a belief system, and a way of seeing the world with a roadmap that outlines exactly what your brand needs to land in customers’ hearts.

Ideal buyer analysis

Competitive research

Customer experience analysis

Why, mission, vision, values, audience persona

Brand psychology

Brand Strategy & Design

Starting at $4,500

Every element of your brand deserves to be executed with attention to detail because every line, curve, hue, and syllable have purpose.

All Brand Strategy Package items

Full logo suite: Primary, secondary & favicon

Full color pallette

Full font selection and typography layout 

Branded patterns, textures, and imagery as needed

Brand photo session (add-on)

Brand Strategy, Design & Website

Starting at $8,000

Create a beautiful and strategic space that inspires your people to invest in your purpose, your products, and your services.

All Brand Strategy + Design Package items

5-page custom website design (Webflow, WordPress, ShowIt)

Written SEO-infused copy

SEO strategy

Domain transfer

Creative direction for brand photography, as needed

Flodesk email marketing Integration

Calendar, payment, CRM integration

Web maintenance options

Looking for something else?

Brand Design Extras

Power Hour


60 min, $147

The perfect opportunity to ask me anything! Do you have burning questions about your brand but don’t need to schedule a full project? Or are you a fellow entrepreneur wondering about what it takes to become a brand strategist? Power Hour is a fully loaded, high-value, information-intensive zoom meeting that can guide you in the right direction. Book a day and time that works best for you below, I’ll see you there!

“I had a Power Hour call with Karely and going into it, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But Karely was curious about my business and my brand and had me talking in no time. She helped me focus my goals into manageable and realistic steps. She also commented on what I was doing well and gave me suggestions for things that might be improved and how to accomplish those. I found her to be very helpful in changing gears in my business, and since speaking with her I’ve had a stellar inquiry and consultation, a million good ideas for my business (seriously! I was so stagnant and stuck in a rut before) and I feel like I have a path now. Thanks Karely!”

— Emily Gipper

Brand Review

60 min, $297

Get expert eyes on how your brand is performing. I’ll identify what’s going well for your brand and what areas could be improved. I will do this research before our meeting so that we can make the most of our time together discussing my findings. You may also use the time to ask questions and form strategies to improve the weaker areas of your brand. I will share a report of your Brand Review and notes from our meeting with you following our time together.

“My brand audit with Karely was a game changer for my business!! She helped me refine my brand fonts and colors so that they were more appropriate for my business. A year later, I am still using these exact colors and fonts and I absolutely love them and feel like they add so much to my overall brand! If you are considering working with Karely, do it! You will not be disappointed, I would highly recommend her to anyone! She always over delivers and will be a great asset to your business! Plus she is so much fun to work with and she will educate you as you go so that you know how to use the materials that she is giving you!”

— Courtney Rudolph

Have Questions?

Frequently asked questions

Using this method, I deliver only one logo concept to you. Crazy, right? Let me tell you why it’s actually brilliant. Your logo is only one element of your overall brand. I will work to build an immersive brand experience that brings the logo to life. When you see the logo, colors, typography, custom art, and more in action, it’s easier to catch the entire vision. The efficiency of the one-concept method is possible because everything is based on careful research and strategy. I’ve done my homework! I know what I’m creating is going to match your personality and connect with your audience.

Yes! I love helping small businesses who want to take their business to the next level. We can discuss payment plans when you are ready to book.

No — I personally don’t believe a logo alone can accurately represent your business or ensure that your business is set up for future success. I specialize in brand strategy + design because I believe that is the foundation a business needs to be successful.

Depending on the package I put together for you, anywhere from 4-8 weeks. For VIP Days, Between 1-3 DAYS, depending on the project.

Not at this time. Website creation also requires strategy, and that strategy is heavily influenced by the brand. I only build sites that I have also created brand strategy and design visuals for, so that I can ensure the success of that website.