Okay okay, here’s the breakdown

Typically, it takes 3-8 weeks to complete a brand project (depending on the project)


Want to know more about our VIP Design Days? You got it!

If you need a smaller scale project done, need a project done sooner than the typical turnaround, or if you have a limited budget, then a VIP Design Day may be just for you!

Instead of working your project into all the other projects I have on my schedule, I will set aside time to exclusively work on YOUR project. 8 hours, all yours! I won’t check my email, perform administrative work, or work on anyone else’s projects except yours!

How does this benefit you?

You only pay for 1 day of work and the deliverable gets to you much sooner!

Instead of booking a cheaper designer that’s less experienced, you can tap into my knowledge and expertise 

investment starts at:

- $1500 for full day

- $750 for Half-Day

This is the perfect for projects such as: editorial design, social media template design, Adding a sales page or additional page to your website, smaller-scale branding projects, and more!

yes let's do it!